Light keeper's Mission is to increase the knowledge of historical and compelling events through the instrument of live theatre. It is our belief that in increasing knowledge through the mind and spirit we are able to reach beyond ourselves and are drawn closer to one another

Lightkeeper Productions

Lightkeeper Productions is a not-for-profit 501 C-3 organization. The company works to "give light" to stories that inspire and challenge us. We believe that in continuing the voices of those who came before us we are able to illuminate a brighter path for the future. Lightkeeper is committed to reaching underserved audiences and, in addition to theaters, also  tours to schools, community centers, cultural and religious organizations, and children's hospitals . Lightkeeper has also expanded a division committed to drama and creative arts therapy. Light keeper Productions and it's CAT (creative arts therapy) program produces live theatre, concerts, film and recording projects as well as ongoing educational and creative arts therapy programming.