“Only a Girl” tells the true story of Irene Gut Opdyke a Holocaust rescuer who, at the age of 17, helped save hundreds of lives during the Second World War.  Based on personal interviews with Irene, this remarkable tale of courage and commitment comes to life. The piece is told through narrative “visited memories”, film images, and original music and songs.  “Only a Girl” carries us back with Irene through her idyllic childhood in pre-war Poland to her days with the Polish resistance and onward…This play celebrates the courage of survivor and rescuer, and continue Irene’s voice…That through hope and love and the shedding of supposed differences, we can find our single humanity.  And in that humanity, reach out to one another without fear, only love…..


"This play was inspirational what a wonderful way to enhance the curriculum on Holocaust education" Bill Nelson, Salem High School.

"This story depicts what really matters respect for others and the determination to do the right thing". Pat Ryan, Princeton Health Care Systems

"Thank you for keeping this important history alive" William F. Anderson, president Glouster County College

audio clip of "If you Could"....

  • 2:33


The Remarkable True Story of Irene Gut Opyke

Written by Jen Faith Brown and David Mulholland 

Based on personal interviews with: Irene Gut Opdyke 

Music and Songs-Danny Whitman

Film images and design-Alex Tyson

Educational Advisor-Harvey Karron

Set Design-Greg Montgomery

Orchestrations-Kahlil Gunther